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5 Tips Buyers and Sellers should know

5 Tips to Consider in a Real Estate Transaction

There are so many moving parts when buying or selling a home. For some people, just thinking about diving into the market can cause stress. Unless you’re actually involved in the day-to-day process, the lingo and the rules of the game can be confusing.
That’s where I come in! My mission is to guide you through the real estate process every step of the way, whether you’re buying, selling or just entertaining the idea. This month, I am sending information on what buyers and sellers want to know regarding their roles in a transaction. Not making a move? Keep this information handy for when you’re ready!
You don’t have to embark on the real estate process alone. Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions about the market, even if you’re not jumping in at this time. If you know someone who may benefit from this information, feel free to pass it on to them along with my contact information. Together, we can demystify the market and get you into your dream home.

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Tax Time 2020

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Real Estate 2020 – National Market Outlook

January Flyer

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The Science of Gratitude (Flyer)

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The Science of Being Grateful

A grateful heart lifts your own spirits and the spirits of those around you. When you commit to an attitude of gratitude, you foster more meaningful relationships with the ones you care about — yourself included.
We know that practicing gratitude has a powerful impact on others, but did you know it can impact you too? The information I’m sending this month serves it all up with some science on the side. You’ll learn three simple ways to express gratitude each day, and how each one has been proven to increase your well-being. I also suggest a few apps you can use to track your happiness, so you can see how your emotional state changes when you commit to a grateful heart!
Market Update:
At 3.5% in September, the U.S. labor market is at its lowest level of unemployment in modern history. However, rising uncertainty combined with fewer workers to bring in off of the sidelines have kept new job creation subdued. Overall, the economy added just 136,000 jobs last month. This is consistent with other indicators suggesting slower, but modest growth ahead.
ISM reported that American manufacturers experienced the worst month since 2007-2009 Great Recession as the index fell from 49.1% in August to 47.8% in September. In fact, this is the index’s sixth consecutive drop of which the last two, have been in contractionary territory below 50%, signaling that business conditions are getting worse.
With so much giving in the air this time of year, take a few moments to reflect on your own practice of gratitude. Remember, I’m grateful for you and if there’s anything I can do to be of service during this busy time of year, give me a call!

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The Not-So-Hidden Talents of your Real Estate Pro

Marketing Flyer September 2019

Posted by: Marvin Remmich | September 24, 2019

The Not-So-Hidden Talents of Your Real Estate Pro

In a world where you can buy or sell a home with the click of a button, the work of a real estate agent becomes even more critical. Sure, you may be able to perform an actual sale on the web, but the extra perks an agent provides simply can’t be replaced by the internet. If you’ve ever worked with a real estate pro before, you know that this process is much more than just a clickable transaction.

To show you what I mean, I want to share a few of my “not-so-hidden talents” with you this month. These are some skills, benefits and knowledge I provide in addition to assisting you with buying or selling your home. You’ll also find a few numbers speaking to the high-quality work real estate agents provide for their clients. It is my hope you grasp a completely new perspective on what a great real estate professional can do for you.

I will always strive to provide you with an unparalleled level of service with anything you may need, regardless of whether it’s real estate related or not. Need a referral for a great contractor? Have a question about these topics? Give me a call — I would be honored to serve you.

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Boost Your Productivity With These Time-Saving Tips

How many times have you found yourself wishing for a few extra hours in the day? Sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough time to get it all done. When this happens, our health is typically the first thing to take a back seat — then several others often follow suit.

During this busy season, work picks back up, the kids head back to school and the activities get into full swing. To help you stay healthy and productive, I’m sending you a few strategies to cut time in the kitchen, save money and eat nutritiously. I’ve also got a few tips on how to maximize that extra time you’ll receive when you weave these time-saving hacks into your daily routine.
With these tips, I hope you will find more productivity and an increased sense of accomplishment in your day-to-day. If you want to share your successes with me, I am always just a phone call away!

Market Update:
Home value appreciation has slowed each month this year, and is at its lowest level since 2015. Home values have fallen year-over-year in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, home to the two most expensive markets in the country. The value of the typical home fell 10.5% in San Jose and 1.1% in San Francisco. A year ago, home values were growing 24% annually in San Jose, a 34.5 percentage point difference.
August Marketing Flyer

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Make Your Dreams a Reality

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” — Napoleon Hill

Whether you want to visit the Great Wall of China or start your own business, chances are you’ve got a dream in your life that you’d like to turn into a reality. The hard part is figuring out how to make that happen! With a little inspiration and some direction, it is possible to translate your dreams into achievable goals.

This month, I’m sharing a road map to help you begin your journey. You’ll find a few tips on how to turn your dreams into solid goals. There are also guidelines to help you craft your bucket list — and a few words on why a bucket list shouldn’t just be created toward the end of your life.

Real Estate Trend #1: Home Prices Are Rising Slowly . . . With Less Offers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that during the course of 2017 and early 2018, home prices made a giant 10% jump. Wow! This year, however, may be a different story. Home prices are estimated to rise in 2019, but at a much slower pace, and the number of homes for sale is expected to increase by a mere 1%.(1)

What’s the reason? Well, part of the slowdown is due to increased mortgage interest rates and another part is because of overall economic uncertainty. That combination is enough to discourage many buyers who are on the fence about purchasing a home.

It is my hope that this information will leave you hopeful and inspired. Best of luck turning your dreams into goals, and goals into results!

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