Posted by: Marvin Remmich | March 19, 2011

Is The American Dream Still To Own A Home? (Video)

Jane Wells from CNBC asks the question…”Is the American Dream of Owning a Home Still Alive?

Consider these points:

* New study shows that 50% of all Americans know someone who has lost a home..In the West, it’s even higher, 58 percent..(remember the old definition of a recession vs depression. Recession is when you neighbor loses his job…depression is when you lose your job.)

* One in four homeowners think their homes are worth LESS less than what they paid.

* One in four homeowners believe their home values will decrease even more over the next year. That last figure is up from 14 percent just in December, and it’s the highest level of pessimism since this survey was started  four years ago.


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