Posted by: Marvin Remmich | May 17, 2012

Property Taxes Too High? How to Protest the Value

“The right to protest to the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is the most important right you have as a taxpayer. “  Dallas Central Appraisal District      

If you think the property valuation assessment provided by your local/county appraisal district is too high– you have options– however time is of the essence. The rules and deadlines may be different for different jurisdictions, but the rules are public information so with a little research the required action steps and guidelines can easily be found.

It is often worth the effort as homebuyers who have purchased newly constructed homes are often under-assessed the first year of ownership. Buyers who purchase a home which is below former market values can easily be over-assessed during their first year of ownership.

In many jurisdictions there is an appointed board/panel made up of local residents who assemble to hear and review property valuation protests annually during a designated period. The process is free of charge, and typically yields a decision the same day. A property owner can appeal to the panel alone, or with the support of a designated party such as a local real estate professional. There is a cottage industry of firms which perform this process on behalf of homeowners for a fee—typically a percentage of the savings granted. There are real estate professionals who provide this service free of charge as an added value to clients.


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