Posted by: Marvin Remmich | September 21, 2016

Things to be Ready For When Renovating Your Home


Renovating your home can be a fantastic idea that will make your house more valuable, livable, desirable, and appealing for yourself and potential buyers. However, when preparing for a renovation while you are still living in your home, it is crucial that you are prepared for some of the potential negatives of this situation. Here are some of the things you need to be ready for when you are renovating your home!

1) It will be stressful at times- When renovating your home, it will not always go perfectly as planned. There will be times where the process is frustrating, and you will be stressed out at points during the process. It is important to go into the renovation understanding that this can happen, and making sure to keep your calm during stressful situations. It will be okay in the long run!

2) It may not always be on schedule- Renovations are one of those things that always seem to take longer than anticipated. Understand that there may be a chance your project goes past the schedule you expected, and there may not be too much you can do about it. If you go into the renovation understanding that this is a possibility, it will make it much easier to take if it actually happens.

3) You may go over budget- Sometimes renovation projects become more expensive than you originally expected. This is why it is crucial to allow a little bit of wiggle room in your budget, and what you can actually afford to spend without completely running out of money. With renovation costs, you must always prepare for the unexpected.

4) Your normal home life will be more strenuous- Living in a home in the middle of renovation can be far from convenient. It will be loud with the noises of hammering and sawing. It will be messy with what seems like endless amounts of dust, rubble, tools, and tarps. There will be people in your home throughout the day. All of this can make it very difficult to relax while you are at home, so make sure you are ready for this before you commit to a renovation.

A renovation on your home while you are living in it can be difficult, but if you are prepared for the negatives in advance, you can greatly help your chances of making it a successful project. Just remember that while there will be difficult moments, there will be a lot of great ones too. People that renovate their homes in this fashion get to see the project come together, and become stronger in the process. Just make sure to throw a fantastic party in your newly renovated home to celebrate when you are done! If you would like to learn more about renovating your home in order to increase its value before listing, give us a call today!

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