Posted by: Marvin Remmich | November 17, 2016

Tips for Showing a House When You Have Pets


We know how important home showings are when you are selling a home. If you do not have things go well during a home showing, you may be costing yourself thousands of dollars on the offers you receive on your house. One area of concern when showing your home, is how having pets can affect the way potential buyers see your home. For us, a pet is a part of the family, but for the next owner, they may be a nuisance that causes damage to the appeal of the home. Here are some important tips for showing a house when you have pets.

1)  Make arrangements for your pet to stay- During a showing, it is important that your pet is not seen by potential buyers. Your best option is to have your pet stay with a loved one during the showing. However, if this isn’t an option, make sure they are crated and safely secured in an area that will not be seen throughout the viewing.

2) Clean up the yard- The condition of your yard plays a huge role in the value of your home to potential buyers. It is crucial to keep the yard pristine by picking up all animal waste, covering holes that have been dug, and fixing any damage your pet may have caused out there.

3) Address the pet smell- Our pets add a great deal to our lives. Unfortunately, one of the things they add is an odor to your home. We may not notice it because we are used to it, but an unfamiliar buyer will be able to detect it, and it may drastically reduce their interest in your home. Make sure to use odor eating products to clean up, and you may want to even hire a professional service to clean your carpets.

4) Remove signs of owning a pet- You want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible when showing your home, so make sure to not showcase that you keep a pet in the house. Many people do not want to live in a home when they know that animals have been living there, so put away any toys, bowls, beds or other items that show you have a pet.

5) Remove pet hair- Many pets tend to shed, and this can make your home look messy if not dealt with. However, an even worse problem is that pet dander can trigger the allergies of potential buyers, and completely drive them away from your home. Make sure to do a great job vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping your home before a showing to get rid of all the pet dander.

Showing your home to potential buyers is one of the most important steps of the home buying process. By following these tips, you can help assure your beloved pets do not cause the value of your home to drop. To learn more about how to prepare your home for showings, contact us today!

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