Posted by: Marvin Remmich | December 5, 2016

Benefits of Listing Your Home Over the Holidays


When it comes to putting a home on the market, the majority of people believe it is always best to list during the spring and summer months. While it is true that these are the most busy seasons for real estate transactions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is always the most beneficial time to sell. There are certain benefits of selling a home during every time of year, and here are some of the main benefits of listing your home over the holidays!

Fewer competing listings- During the holiday season, most home sellers stop paying attention to their listings, and oftentimes take them off the market. This means you will have fewer homes to compete against, and your home will get a larger share of the attention of potential buyers.

Your listing feels more like home during showings- The key to landing an offer during open houses and private showings is to allow potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. There is no better time to make your listing feel like home than during the holiday season. You can decorate the exterior and interior of your home, light a fire, bake some holiday cookies, and really show off the cozy potential of your listing during this time of year.

Potential buyers have more free time to view homes- During the holiday season, buyers will be working less, and be more available to come see your listing. If a buyer is able to focus more on buying a home, you may be able to make a deal more quickly. The holiday season will allow you to get more of a buyer’s undivided attention because they will be less distracted with work obligations.

Buyers tend to be more serious- If someone is looking for a home during the holiday season, the chances are high that they need one sooner rather than later. The spring and summer months tend to draw a lot of buyers that are just casually browsing listings, but aren’t in any hurry to buy. On the other hand, people searching for homes in the winter often need a place to live as soon as possible. That is really helpful for sellers because a more serious buyer will be willing to make a deal more quickly, and that can result in fast offers for you and less negotiation.

These are some of the main benefits of listing your home during the holiday season. If done correctly, every time of year has some fantastic benefits to sell or buy a home in. If you would like to learn more about how to make a great real estate transaction, contact us right away!

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